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Welcome to The Prudent Life. My name is Leslie and I assume if you clicked here, you would like to know a bit about me. I was married in 1988 to the love of my life.

This is what we looked like then--

This is what we look like now--

My handsome husband started a landscaping business in 1987 and we have seen God's faithfulness many times through the years. Along with a growing landscaping company, we have experienced a {quickly} growing family. It seems like only yesterday that our children looked like this--

But, now, in what feels like the blink of an eye, they look like this--

We also have a couple of dogs, who, if I am honest, are sort of part of the family. They are especially fond of me (probably because I am the one that is around all of the time.) The small one is Belle and the large one is Macy.

As the kids have gotten older and my homeschooling years have drawn to a close, I have taken up blogging as a hobby. My first blog is called Growing 4 Life. I still blog there on a regular basis, writing mostly about lessons that God is teaching me from everyday life. You can find it here.

Recently, though, I have developed an interest in making my own personal care item, such as lip balm, deodorant, and hand soap. And cleaning supplies, like all-purpose and glass cleaners. And health products-- such as anti-biotic cream and anti-fungal cream. I have had much success with this and love to share what I've learned.

Photo courtesy of the NY Public Library

I have also taken an interest in cooking with real food, fresh herbs, and whole grains.

These interests have led to an interest in growing a garden.

And learning to can some of my own food (I had always frozen quite a bit of food already-- part of my Pennsylvania Dutch roots)--

I also developed a love for making bread and growing flowers.  But my biggest passion lies in a book--the Bible. Learning the Truth of God's Word as it applies to me as a wife and mother is my greatest desire. It is the main reason I blog at Growing 4 Life and here at The Prudent Life. 

I hope that you find wonderful and practical helps here for homemaking and motherhood, but, more importantly, I hope you find encouragement and support in your quest to be a godly wife and mother. May God bless you as you serve Him through serving your family. 

Thanks so much for dropping by!

~Love, Leslie

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