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Isn't housekeeping fun?  In the book The Pastor's Wife, Sabina Wurmbrand tells her story of being unjustly imprisoned when the communists took over Romania.  At one point she tells of how around 100 women - stuck in a dark, damp cell meant for 30, with only one bucket to care for all of their bathroom needs - longed for work. They longed to make a cake, wash their linens, or clean their homes.  These were the things that meant so much when they were taken away, but drive us crazy in our everyday materialistic, spoiled, and selfish world.  As I read Sabina's words, I realized that I have not appreciated the privilege it is to care for my home and the material needs of my family. I want to have a grateful heart that appreciates this special privilege.  Here are a few of my favorite posts on housekeeping--

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