Friday, May 4, 2012

Fresh Flowers say "Welcome"

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My favorite time of the year has begun. The temperatures have turned warmer, the scent of cut grass often lingers in the air, the birds sing with all of their tiny hearts, and the flowers start blooming. I love flowers. Just looking at them lifts my spirits. Many is the day I take my pruners and head outside to find whatever is currently blooming.  Placing them on my kitchen table is an easy way to dress up my home. You see, flowers not only look pretty, but they say "Welcome!" and give a cheery appearance to your home.

So you say you don't have any flowers to bring in?  Why don't you plant some?  There are flowers that take a lot of work (tea roses) and flowers that do not take much work at all (lilacs, zinnias).  Whoever you are, there is a flower for you! Here are some of my favorites:

Spring:   Lilacs, Sweet Peas, Peonies

Summer/Fall:  Zinnias, Gladiolus, Roses, Garden Phlox, Sunflowers

If you absolutely hate to garden, then why not go to the store and pick up a bouquet for your table? They can be bought very inexpensively and will add just a little touch of cheer to your table.

I am so glad that God created flowers for us to enjoy. As we head into a lovely spring weekend, let's remember to be thankful for His many blessings!

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