Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sensibly Healthy: My personal journey

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I ran a 5K -- If  I can do it, anybody can!

So, I thought that on Wednesdays, I would blog specifically about health and fitness. This has been quite a challenge for me through the years...especially as I hit middle-age. All of a sudden my normal eating patterns (eating whatever I wanted) were no longer working.  I was gaining weight. Something had to change.

So in 2009 I started running, working up to about 3 miles a day, and eating 1200 calories per day.  For six weeks I did this almost religiously, and it paid off!  I lost 20 pounds.  But I couldn't keep up that lifestyle and the pounds gradually crept back on, until now I find myself back where I started.

Right now, I am working hard to lose again, but this time I want to do it in a sensible way. I want to change my lifestyle, so that it lasts forever and not just for a year or two. I am trying to figure out how much exercise I can truly fit into my busy life and what exercise I will actually do.  I am also trying to incorporate more whole and natural foods into my own diet and the diet of my family. 

It's slow going, but I am not going to give up.  And so on Wednesdays, you can check here for some health and fitness ideas that are working for me, book reviews related to this topic, and other informative and interesting things.

I'll look forward to seeing you back here!


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