Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Big Question!

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Hi!  I have been trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with this blog--which is why I seemed to have disappeared for awhile.  You see, there are plenty of blogs out there that give recipes and tips.  But it would seem to me we need something a little different.  And, so I am going to change it up a bit, while keeping the same comfortable feeling here (at least that is my goal).

Our family having fun while white water rafting in Gatlinburg, TN this summer

To start, I want to introduce you to myself and my family.  I have been married to Eric for 24 years (as of last Monday!)  We have four great kids.  Jess is 21, Landon is 19, Adrienne is 16, and Marissa is 13.  They are growing up so fast!  We also have a landscaping business that my husband started when he graduated from college. We are excited to be celebrating our 25th year in business this year!

And so here are a few things I have learned about these past 24 years, all in the context of wanting to please my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in all I do--

Running a small business while raising a family
Raising toddlers, elementary-aged kids, and teenagers
Finding balance between family, work, and church
Gardening and Plants
Health & Fitness (still working on this one!)

Expect to find some posts on the above topics in the upcoming months ahead.  I will probably sprinkle in a few other things, too, just to keep it interesting!

Hope you stop by and visit again...or better yet, subscribe so you don't miss any posts :)


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