Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Solution for Storing Food Containers

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Storing food containers has always been one of those annoying things about life. If you have been keeping house for longer than a couple of years, your containers and lids consist of all different shapes and sizes. I had pretty much resigned myself to the impossibility of an organized food container cabinet. I mean, really - who has time to tidy a cabinet every day?!?

And, thus, I was living in "food storage container disorder" for over twenty years. Until one day, I read about this idea on Pinterest for storing my plastic containers. I can't find the pin, or I would give credit where credit is due. This is NOT my idea. However, I wanted to pass it along to my readers, because it works! I still can't quite believe it!  I have been using this idea for several months now and, while my cabinet isn't picture perfect at all times, it is very much improved!  And it is so easy-

I bought a small dish drying rack and tucked all of my lids into it. And that's it. It is so surprising how simply keeping the lids in a rack helps to keep the cabinet organized.

Hope this idea is helpful. Have a great day!



  1. I got so irritated with my plastic containers that I got rid of all of them. :P I usually keep 1-2 Cool Whip containers under the sink in case my siblings or friends need to take any leftovers home with them, and I have three glass Rubbermaid containers that I use to take my lunch to work. And that's it! Since I'm really limited on cabinet space, it made life much easier.

    1. I think that is great if you don't have cabinet space. Since I usually count on leftovers for at least one meal each week, I need some containers. However, you have inspired me to not keep so many! I know I have way more than I need.