Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sensibly Healthy: Small Choices

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As I battle of self-control regarding food rages within me, I have realized something.  The small choices we make each and every day matter!

--It matters if I have a snack before bed, even if I am not hungry.
--It matters if I eat dessert after every meal.
--It matters if I eat fries with my meal.
--It matters if I choose the large size instead of the small size.
--It matters if I choose to have a doughnut or a smoothie for breakfast.

Do you know why?  Because all of our little choices add up to VERY BIG consequences!  This hit me as I contemplated how I had ended up with an overweight, unhealthy body. I realized it isn't because I eat whole boxes of cookies, half gallons of ice cream, or bags of chips.  I have never done that.  No, I am 30 pounds overweight because of little, seemingly unimportant, choices I make each day.

This hit home last night as I sat on my sofa watching TV.  I wanted something to eat.  Just a little something.  I had to ask myself WHY?  Was I hungry?  No.  Was I going to be starve if I didn't eat something? No.  Was it a habit to eat while watching TV at night? Yes.

Last night I had the wisdom and self-control to not have a snack. But the key is stringing these evenings out into forever.

The knowledge that our destinies our made up of small choices makes the battle seem less daunting and fierce. But it also makes it seem more drawn out. The small choices that have become habits for me over many years are also going to take awhile to reverse.

But if we don't start today, when exactly will we get around to it??

Wishing you a blessed day!


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