Monday, March 10, 2014

Keeping Greens Green

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Any time I make a concerted effort to eat healthy, I find myself confronted with the short life-span of the greens that are supposed to be so good for me. Do you know what I mean? Is it just me or do lettuce and spinach start wilting the moment I put them in my shopping cart? Seriously, after only a couple of days in my refrigerator they have most likely turned slimy and gross. There is not much grace in the greens department when it comes to storage. Especially if you go the pre-cut, prepared route.

At least there wasn't much grace before I found the Prepworks Lettuce Keeper. This thing is truly amazing! I do not promote anything that doesn't work on this blog. The picture above-- the spinach you see there? It is TWO weeks old today! I took that picture this morning. It is still crisp and fresh. I am truly amazed and have been since I've been using the lettuce keeper the past couple of months.

This keeper saves me money and helps me to eat healthy! I am so excited about this that I just ordered the Berry Keeper, as well. I will let you know if that works as well as my lettuce keeper!


  1. I have several of the various containers from this line and love them all! I have used them for a few years now and they rarely leave the fridge, (except for a quick wash) and especially in the summer time. The berry one works well, but berries do go bad fast, especially ones from the store...fresh picked ones, unwashed keep longer, especially in the keeper.

    1. Thank you! I just got the berry one and was disappointed in how small it was--not near big enough for the berries for my family of six. I gave it to my mom because it was the perfect size for two :) glad to know it works, though!