Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Spring-Themed Bridal Shower is Fun to Plan!

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Wow. I haven't written here for almost a month. And a crazy month it's been! By far, the most exciting thing we did this past month is plan a bridal shower for my oldest daughter. She is getting married in June and we wanted to hold a surprise shower for her. My younger two daughters and my mom were my partners in crime ;) After some discussion, it was decided that we would hold a spring-themed shower in the restaurant owned by the couple my engaged daughter works for. With lots of help from this wonderful gal, we were actually able to surprise my daughter and pull off a fun, enjoyable afternoon. I thought I'd share some of our ideas here, as people seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day. Some of the ideas were from Pinterest and some were just from our own heads. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

One of my daughters found the fun idea of having four themed tables-- Old, New, Borrowed, Blue.

This is what we did with each one--

"Old" Table --we filled this table with pictures of the bride and groom. We hung most of them on a beautiful, live Magnolia bush which we gave to the couple as a gift.

 "New" Table-- this table was filled with gifts for the bride--lovely new things with which to fill her home. 

 "Borrowed" Table-this table was filled with advice and recipes, borrowed from those who love the bride (and groom, too).

We asked people to write their advice on flower cut-outs that we had attached to paper straws and placed in small vases, They looked like cheery, bright bouquets on the table. 
"Blue" Table--This one stumped us a bit. We didn't really like any of the ideas we saw on Pinterest. And so we decided to just ask people to bring a small blue household item. The table was filled with cleaning supplies, sponges, duct tape, etc.  All of that little stuff that costs so much money and no one usually buys for the bride.

After we decided on table themes, our next item to plan was games. What should we do? What we discovered was that Etsy was filled with great ideas for Bridal Shower games. I was all set to purchase some digital designs to print on my own, when I realized that with some clip art and digital scrapbook paper purchased from Etsy, I could easily design my own games. Here is what I was able to create, using Microsoft Publisher--

I absolutely love to do this kind of stuff but I realize that it would be very overwhelming for some of you. If that is the case, then use Etsy! They have amazing options for bridal showers and baby showers and birthday parties. Really, it is an absolute treasure trove of fun designs that can be purchased at a minimum price (if you print your own). 

Last, but certainly not least, was the food. We arranged with the restaurant owner to provide most of the main meal (wraps, fruit, salads, and chips) and then started planning our dessert table. My son's girlfriend loves to bake so we lined her up to make cupcakes that went with our theme colors. She made key lime, strawberry-filled, and vanilla cupcakes. My niece made matching cake balls in chocolate and vanilla. And my daughter rounded it out with adorable, heart-shaped rice krispies and white chocolate snack mix, using Easter colored M&Ms. Here are a few shots of the dessert table--

heart-shaped rice krispies

white chocolate snack mix with Easter m&ms

key lime, vanilla, and strawberry-filled cupcakes

And that's about it. My daughter tells me that she was truly surprised (which was an accomplishment in and of itself since she still lives with us!) We enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship and fun. It was the official beginning to a season of excitement and new experiences for my daughter, as she prepares to embark on the adventure of marriage. My husband and I see God's hand very clearly in bringing her and her fiancee together and we are so happy for them!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our bridal shower. Here is a final picture of some young people thoroughly enjoying themselves at the shower--

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