Monday, September 24, 2012

Just 15 Minutes

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It's Monday morning and my messy house greets me.  I can't believe the disarray that can be the result of one weekend.  Why didn't I teach my kids--and my husband ;) --to put things away? As I talk to myself, I am thankful for one lesson I have learned:

I have a much better day if I just take a few minutes and clean up.

Depending on how bad it is and how much time I have, I will simply move the stuff from our kitchen/family room area to the dining room, where I can't see it and it can rest there for the kids to put away later.  And then, other times, I will take the time to put it away myself.

I don't know about you, but I feel so unsettled and unhappy in my spirit if my house is too messy and unorganized and I have found that just giving 15 minutes is well worth the peace of mind it brings. Of course, sometimes it turns into an hour, but when kids are in school, you can afford that hour.  If you homeschool, you really can't (at least in my experience).  But it is quite amazing what even a few minutes cleaning up the sink or the family room can do to set the tone for the day.

Hope you can get your 15 minutes of tidying in today!


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