Friday, October 19, 2012

Washing Your Washer

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My dryer stopped working the other week. What a pain! So, after my handy husband tried his best to fix it, I was instructed to call the repairman. Thankfully, he came within a day or two and fixed it right up -- for a hefty price, of course. But it was cheaper than buying a new dryer, so I guess that's good, anyway!

At any rate, as he was handwriting a bill and I was preparing my check, he and I had a little chat about appliance care! And he told me something that I did not know. And just in case you don't know it either, I thought I would pass it along. Here it is:

Wash your washer!

Actually his words to me were: Go buy some HE Washer Cleaner, which you can find anywhere (I bought mine on Amazon, because that is just so easy), and use it every now and then. 

He mentioned 3 reasons why this is a good idea:

1.  It keeps the washer working at its best.

2.  It helps with the oil stains that clothing didn't have before being washed, but somehow mysteriously have after they have been washed.

3.  It helps control the odor and mildew-y smell that is so often present in laundry that is washed in HE washers. 

What he said made a lot of sense. And so guess what I plan to do tomorrow?  Yep! Wash my washer!  Thought you might want to do the same-- that is, unless you knew that already. Then you are way ahead of me!

Have a great weekend--



  1. I have found the smell that accumulates in your HE washer can be cleared up by washing as a last load of the day whites with a small amount of clorine bleach added. This prevents the water that is held over from becoming smelly and then going into your next laundry.

    1. Oh, good idea! I know some people do not care to use chlorine bleach, but that isn't an issue, I can see how its addition to whites would be a great idea!

  2. I so need to do this! I've never heard of HE washer cleaner. Off to check it out right now on amazon! (Because I too love how easy amazon is!)

    1. I find Amazon TOO easy sometimes! It's a great temptation for me. Perhaps a post on beating my Amazon addiction is in order soon ;)