Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Easy Holiday Centerpiece

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Today I made this centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table tomorrow. I know it looks more Christmas-y than harvest-y, but that means I can use it all month! It was so easy, so I thought I would pass the idea along.

Here's what you need--

  • One three-in-one herb pot
  • 3 Styrofoam Cones - one medium sized and two small
  • 3 rounds of floral foam (one for the bottom of each pot)
  • floral pins
  • 3 twigs from your backyard
  • 2 bags of sheet moss
  • 1 small bag of Spanish moss
  • glue gun
  • small red beads
  • red ribbon


Cover each cone with the sheet moss, using the floral pins. If any of the pins are obviously noticeable, you can easily cover it by gluing on a bit of leftover moss. Using the floral pins to attach at either end, wrap the two small trees with the beads. Wrap the larger tree with the ribbon and then make a bow for the top of it, letting the tails hang down over the side.

Put a twig in the bottom of each cone and then put the twig into the floral foam, using hot glue. If the twig moves around or the hole ends up being too big, use some twig leftovers to shimmy it a bit. After the trees are in and straightened, cover the openings with the Spanish moss, hot gluing it in place and trimming off any straggling pieces.

There you go! Easy and elegant!

p.s. this is part of the blog hop over at Frugally Sustainable. Check it out here.

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