Friday, June 7, 2013

The Truth about Honey

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We view honey as a wonderfully natural form of sugar. I feel healthier when I add honey to my breads or cookies, because it seems like a much better option than refined sugar. Imagine my dismay when I read the following:

"Seventy-five percent of honey bought at the supermarket isn't real honey"

At first, I was skeptical. After all, how can you mess with something as pure has honey? But as I read the article, I realized that, yes, even here, we have been deceived for the sake of the almighty dollar.

I have slowly been realizing that we have been fooled into thinking a lot of food is real that isn't. But honey wasn't one I suspected. Now I find that even most honey has been changed so that it isn't pure.

It has become increasingly important to me to remove fake and processed foods from my diet and the diet of my family and so, after reading the article above, I felt compelled to figure out a different source for honey than my supermarket or favorite warehouse (even Costco's honey tested as impure).

I am still on a quest to find a local beekeeper, but until then, I found some real honey in a local country store nearby.

Finding pure and unadulterated sources of food, cleaning supplies, and personal care items for my family has become very important to me, so stay tuned as I share more ideas and thoughts in the upcoming days.

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