Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm Back

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So...after being a bit distracted the last few months, I have returned, with more fervor than ever! And here's why:  I believe these kinds of sites are necessary. Blogs written by Christian women who want the best for their families. Blogs that focus on good stewardship without going over the sustainability cliff (because, let's be honest--we know who sustains the earth, don't we?) Blogs that focus on good food, good health, good fitness, good cleaning--all viewed through the lens of scripture. And so it is with renewed enthusiasm that I will be back again a few times a week discussing the following--

--Homemade recipes for personal care and cleaning that actually work!

--Healthy recipes and gardening tips

--Facts and information on processed and refined foods

--Ideas on family fun

--Thoughts on running business and home

Can't wait to get started again!


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