Friday, January 31, 2014

Lemon Peppermint Lotion

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I have tried a number of lotion recipes, all without much success. In fact, the last time I tried it, I put it on and it smelled AWFUL. And to show you just how bad it smelled, one of my daughters came in the room and asked if someone had been sick! Whatever combination of oils I had used did not work well together at all. It seems like all of my recipes have been either too oily or needed to be refrigerated or smelled awful, etc. 

But, I found this idea and thought I would give it a try. I adjusted a few things and changed a few ingredients until I came up with this concoction. AND...drumroll please...I absolutely love it! And it's so easy! And it works! Really, I am so proud of myself! ;) I hope you love it as much as I do.

2 Tbsn Bees Wax Pellets 
8 oz  Water
15 drops Peppermint Oil
15 drops Lemongrass Oil

Put the pellets in a microwaveable glass bowl or large measuring cup and place for a minute in the microwave. Take out and stir. Put in for another 30 seconds or a minute, until they are melted. Add the oil and the water. Next is the really cool part! Take a stick blender and blend until it turns into a creamy lotion. When it is a good consistency, mix in the essential oils. 

And there you are! Your own homemade lotion in a matter of minutes. Little work, little cost, and so much satisfaction!


  1. What's a stick blender? Is this a stupid question? LOL.

    1. No, not a stupid question at all! :) I didn't know what one was, either, before I started looking into making soap. Here is a link for one on Amazon. This is the one that I have. It is amazing how well it works!

    2. Maybe I need to add that to my list of supplies I need for the home, which also include a food processor!

    3. That sounds like a great idea! I actually finally got a food processor myself just recently! I used my Costco rewards check to pay for half of it! :)