Sunday, January 19, 2014

Parenting with Purpose

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Are you a Christian parent? Then be sure to check out my Christian Parenting series over at Growing4Life. I have spent the month of January discussing some of the most important things my husband and I have learned these last twenty-three years of parenting. Nothing teaches us life lessons more thoroughly than living life itself and it is my desire to share some of what I have learned with my readers. I know how much I appreciated talking to older mothers as I navigated my way through the parenting stages. (Did I actually just write older mother?? Yep-- I guess I am officially admitting that I am an "older mother"!)

Here is the schedule of the series--

The Basics A few basic principles of parenting, no matter what stage you are in
What does my marriage have to do with it?  The importance of keeping our marriages healthy
Who’s the Boss? Parenting toddlers
When They Grow Out of the Cute Stage! Parenting kids between six and ten.
I Need a Reason! Parenting ‘tweens and teens
What’s My Role? Parenting adult kids
Jan 24 - Being a “Great” Grand-parent Supporting my adult kids in their role as a parent
Jan 28 – Where’s God At In This Whole Process?  Weaving God and His Word into every stage of parenting
Jan 31 -- Raising Moral Kids in an Immoral World  The challenge of raising kids who says YES! to God and NO! to self.

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